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Animal Magic: Ladybird/ladybug


Called a ladybird in the UK and ladybug in the USA this tiny little pretty coloured insect is a powerful animal spirit guide.

The shell keeps it protected, the wings allow it to fly and they have amazing instincts, feeling vibrations through their legs to allow them to sense the energy of whatever they are touching.

Their bright colours also serve as a warning to predators to keep away, guiding us to send out the same message to our enemies.

The colours of this little bug also bring happiness and joy and remind us to let go of fears and live life to the fullest.

The ladybird asks us to trust and have faith, not just in ourselves but in those around us to.

Ladybird also brings a connection to our past lives, death and rebirth, renewal and spiritual enlightenment.


Trust, faith, wishes, luck, protection, happiness, intuition, defence, past lives, cycle of life and enlightenment.


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