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The story behind the book: Witchcraft into the Wilds

I always think that the book you are writing at the moment is your favourite but actually when it comes to Witchcraft into the Wilds it really is one of my favourites.

My pagan/witchcraft journey has twisted and turned over the years, beginning with Wicca but moving away into all sorts of other different pathways. I have studied and learnt about all sorts of things and still continue to do so. Each time I find something I like I adapt it to fit into my own personal pathway.

If you had to give me a label (and I am not sure I like labels really but sometimes it helps) I am and have been for many years now a Kitchen/Hedge Witch. I realised that I was using less and less tools and working more with natural items and that I had long ago veered away from the Wheel of the Year, so I wanted to get my ideas down into a book and ...into the wilds was born.

This book will hopefully take you on a journey through the wilds of nature to the magic therein working with the energy of the seasons, through fields, forests and urban settings. Working with leaves, sticks, roots, blossoms, feathers and fetishes. Finding magic in natural objects and the geography around you. Working magic with the weather, the moon and the sun along with natural rituals and animal omens.

It really is a back to nature book, this is how I work with my Craft on a daily basis. No tools, no fancy items, not a wand or even a crystal in sight...All the magic within this book is worked with items that Mother Nature provides.

Witchcraft into the wilds was released in Febarury 2018 with a resounding BANG! Phewy, it flew off the shelves and has continued to do really well - thank you all so much!


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