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Animal Magic: The Panther and The Leopard


This category covers panthers, leopards, jaguars and cougars as they all have the same or very similar characteristics.

They are extremely fierce, treacherous, malicious and savage but they are also intelligent and quick to learn.

These animals bring bravery, courage, boldness and a beautiful grace.

Panther can teach you how to pace yourself and allow time to rest and play in between getting the job done.

However panther is always the first and fastest to respond to any situation and deals well with deadlines and pressure.

Panther can also give guidance within your personal and professional life.

Panther is a feminine energy, the dark goddess and the dark of the moon and is a symbol of death and rebirth.


Malice, fierceness, bravery, courage, grace, pacing yourself, pressure, timeframes, life, death and rebirth.


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