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Animal Magic: The Snail


Ok so it probably wouldn’t be your first choice for an animal spirit guide but if it comes your way don’t argue…go with it, there will be a reason .

One of the main purposes for snail’s arrival is to bring you patience by the slime load.

Snail knows that good things come to those that wait and anything important is worth doing properly and at a steady pace, life is all too fast and we should all slow down and give ourselves time to smell the roses.

Snails are generally quite small so it also brings the message that you might need to focus on the detail and take notice of the smaller things.

And of course the snail is protected by an outer shell so it brings protective qualities as well as the idea that sometimes you need to withdraw and have some ‘me time’.


Patience, protection, spiral of life, letting go of deadlines, slowing down, paying attention to details, inner work and withdrawal.


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