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Review: ShieldMaiden

On a recent visit to Glastonbury we stumbled upon a shop we hadn't seen before...and it is a very magical place.

This Viking horde can be found in Benedict Street at the bottom of Glastonbury High Street.

The shop window display is just awesome but as soon as you open the door you are hit with the most amazing smell of new leather.

As you enter there are shelves filled with carvings or the Norse gods, ceramic offering dishes and mead tankards. Rows of Viking garments, leather belts, carvings, buckles and potion carriers line the walls. There are jars of raven skulls, feathers, candles and a fascinating array of mead.

Swords and axes are abundant, obviously and a very good selection of silver Norse jewellery.

This shop is literally packed from floor to ceiling with everything the best dressed and equipped Viking could want or need. And in fact, even as a Witch that doesn't really work with the Norse side of things I immediately fell in love with this shop and the owners who were friendly, helpful and obviously incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about their pathway.

Everyone needs to visit this shop, the energy inside was incredible. It was fantastic to find such a beautifully stocked shop run by really genuine people.

I will be back...


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