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Review: Pure Chimp

My poor 'ole menopausal skin has been suffering, so I have been looking for something to help. I regularly use Tropic face wash and moisturiser which I love but I began to suspect that the essential oils in it were irritating my skin. Not the fault of Tropic but just my skin being miserable and cranky.

I scouted about on etsy and ordered some different options. One or two were very nice but still contained hidden essential oils that my skin didn't like. Sadly one of the so called natural options had chemicals in! My skin nearly fell off.

However, then I stumbled upon Pure Chimp Natural Super Cleanser.

The ingredients:

Almond flour, vegetable glycerine, extra virgin olive oil, kaolin clay, dried marigold, banana extract, sea buckthorn oil, vitamin e.

It actually smells like bananas! And works really well, even taking off my makeup (not mascara but all the other stuff).

More importantly, my skin loves it. No dryness, no pinching, no ouchies and it also seems to be helping to clear up the menopausal acne...result!

They don't seem to do a moisturiser as such, just a facial oil - I am going to try that next.

Pure Chimp Natural Super Cleanser - highly recommended.


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