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A cake failure...

I wanted to share with you the fact that not all of my bakes are successful.

When I am recipe testing it doesn't always turn out as it should, or as I want it to. Sometimes it takes several attempts to perfect a recipe. Other times it may be abandoned forever.

Here is an example:

Last week I was experimenting with sweet potato cakes. One of them came out really well and will appear on this blog in the next few days. The other was a chocolate loaf cake.

It rose spectacularly well in the oven and when it came out it had a huge majestic dome on the top. Ten minutes later, once it started to cool the entire roof caved in...

On slicing it revealed a centre of pretty much raw uncooked cake dough.

Now, it does taste quite nice, the flavour of it is good and the texture at the moment is similar to a slightly under baked chocolate brownie. But it is supposed to be a well risen, light and fluffy loaf cake!

Back to the drawing board with this one...


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