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Animal Magic: Spell Working

Working with animal spirit guides is one of my favourite areas of the Craft to work with and so I thought it made sense to put it all in a book - Pagan Portals Animal Magic published on 31st March 2017.

I would like to share with you some information from the book about working with animal magic in spells:

Animal Magic: Spell Working

The magical power in each and every animal – living, extinct or mythical can be used to assist you in your daily life and can be utilised in spells to aid you in certain situations.

It is nearly impossible to read old collections of magic without seeing something using the energy from animals. I don’t mean divination from entrails though…

Throughout history we can see illustrations of animals being used rather than the actual live creature for instance the Egyptians carried small carvings of cats with them as protection and a 13th Century Hebrew text suggests that carving a falcon onto a piece of topaz would ensure the goodwill of leaders, putting a lion on a garnet would bring honour and protection and a bat onto a bloodstone would bring increased power to magical chants.

Get creative, if you want to use the power of an animal for a spell – look around and see what you come up with. Try small figurines, metal charms, pictures from magazines or the internet, product labels, badges, picture playing cards, carvings – the list is endless.

Think about the intent that you want to work your spell for and then ask yourself what animal you associate with that intent? If your spell is for confidence you might like to draw on the magical powers of peacock or if you need the ability to overcome obstacles then bat or elephant would be an ideal animal to work with.

Some references of animals to use for particular intent:-

  • Call upon the hoarding instincts of the squirrel to help you with your finances.

  • Ask the dove to bring you love.

  • Or invite the courage and cunning of the wolf to help you through a difficult time.

  • Invoke a dragon of protection.

  • Butterfly emerging from a cocoon brings transformation.

  • Fly a winged horse on an astral journey.

  • Attune with the masculine spirit of the forest through the mighty stag.

  • Seek healing from the dolphin.

  • Find the courage of a lion for an interview or a situation that requires it.

  • Swan will bring grace.

  • Frogs or toads bring new beginnings (it’s a tadpole thing…).

  • Rat can help you overcome hatred.

  • Whale can bring balance and relaxation.

  • Horse to overcome obstacles (think about it jumping over fences).


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