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Author Snapshot Interview: Lucya Starza

I asked a bunch, or should that perhaps be a 'bibliography' of authors...whatever the collective noun for a group of authors is...a few quick snapshot questions.

This week is...LUCYA STARZA

1. What or who inspires you the most and why?

I am most inspired by my friends, including my fellow authors at Moon Books. Reading books they have written, art they have done, their crafting projects, music, and other creative endeavours, spurs me on to get writing and creating. They are also incredibly supportive and go out of their way to help out how they can. I am proud to be among such talented and wonderful people.

2.      Do you have any set daily spiritual practices?

Writing A Bad Witch’s Blog ( is the only thing I do pretty much every day, but I do regard it as something of a spiritual practice. I started writing it about 15 years ago because I wanted an incentive to be more active in paganism and witchcraft. I had a pile of books I’d intended to read and things I intended to do, but not got round to. Giving myself the goal of blogging every day meant I had to get more active in order to have things to write about. However, there’s a huge variety in what I do, so it isn’t quite the same as meditating every morning or saying a blessing every night.

Having said that, I often light a candle in the evening to make a wish or simply set a mood. I light the candle as it begins to get dark, and let it burn as I go about my usual evening activities – eating a meal, listening to music, reading or just watching telly. I always extinguish it before going to bed though, for safety reasons!

3.      What is your favourite subject to write about and why?

I love to write about London esoterica. I’m a Londoner born and bred, but I never tire of finding out new things about the city. People often dismiss large cities as not being pagan places – yet London has so many wonderful green spaces, including areas of ancient forest, that you are never far from nature. London is full of myths and legends, history and folklore. I enjoy finding out more about my city, and writing about it.

4.      Do you have a sacred or spiritual place/area (anywhere in the world) that you feel connected to?

As much as I love London, my own home is the place I feel most connected to in a spiritual sense. People who come to my home often say that it feels magical. Oddly, my house doesn’t have a number – it only has a name. Other houses in the road have numbers, but mine doesn’t. It is as if it has long been a liminal place, partly in some magical other realm. The annoying part of that is people who don’t know where it is often can’t find it. Delivery drivers just go straight past. I have to keep an eye out for them, then go outside my garden gate and wave before they seem to even see the house. I like to think of it rather like the places of wizards in Harry Potter or London Below in Neverwhere. That’s probably overly fanciful, but you never know.

5.      Where do you work your magic/practice your faith? Do you have a special room or area set aside?

Yes, I am very lucky to have my witchy room. As much as my house feels magical to me, my witchy room is where I keep all of my tools and books and where I go to do rituals, spells and divination.

6.      What book/talk/article of yours are you most proud of and why?

I’m most proud of my book Pagan Portals – Candle Magic. It was the first book I wrote on a pagan witchcraft topic. I was pleased with it when I wrote it, and I’ve been delighted to also see it sell well and prove popular as an introduction to a very traditional form of spell craft.

List of witchcraft books published:

Pagan Portals – Candle Magic Every Day Magic – A Pagan Book of Days Pagan Portals – Poppets and Magical Dolls Pagan Portals – Guided Visualisations (available to pre-order, due to reach shops later this year)


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