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Author Snapshot Interview: Morgan Daimler

I asked a bunch, or should that perhaps be a 'bibliography' of authors...whatever the collective noun for a group of authors is...a few quick snapshot questions.

This week is...

Author Name: MORGAN DAIMLER Facebook page:

  • What or who inspires you the most and why? My spirituality inspires me as do my friends.

I have many wonderfully talented friends and seeing the amazing things they do motivates me.

  • Do you have any set daily spiritual practices?

I meditate and make offerings every day. I also try to get outside daily

  • What is your favourite subject to write about and why?

Fairies are my favorite subject to write about. I love the folklore and it's also the bedrock of my own practice

  • Do you have a sacred or spiritual place/area (anywhere in the world) that you feel connected to?

An Ceathrú Chaol in Ireland is my favourite place in the world and I feel a strong connection to it.

  • Where do you work your magic/practice your faith?  Do you have a special room or area set aside?

I practice my magic and my religion pretty much everywhere but I do also have places set aside in my home. I think that having even a small area dedicated to spiritual focus is very important

  • What book/talk/article of yours are you most proud of and why?

My New Dictionary of Fairies is the single thing I'm the most proud of. I worked hard on that book and feel like in many ways it is my best work

List of books published, so far:

Pagan Portals the Morrigan,

Pagan Portals Brigid,

Pagan Portals Fairy Witchcraft,

Pagan Portals Irish Paganism,

Pagan Portals Gods and Goddesses of Ireland,

Pagan Portals the Dagda,

Pagan Portals Manannán,

Pagan Portals Odin,

Pagan Portals Thor,


Travelling the Fairy Path,

Fairies a Guide to the Celtic Fair Folk, 

A New Dictionary of Fairies Also the Between the Worlds urban fantasy series


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