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Crystal Magic - Agate


These beauties come in all sorts of shapes and patterns. Agate is part of the chalcedony family. Each one is individual and can have crazy patterns. The agate is formed by minerals filling a hole in a rock. I love meditating and working divination with these as there are so many images to be found in the surface. It is the banding that makes them agate, setting them apart from other forms of chalcedony. Often worn throughout history as a talisman or amulet it was believed to bring good luck and healing. It was also thought to protect against storms and good for children to protect them from danger. Although most agate is natural in colour you can find them dyed in bright colours such as pink, green or blue. A rough agate will usually seem dull and uninteresting until it is sliced and polished. It is believed that a Greek philosopher Theophrastus discovered the stone in the 3rd/4th century BC. He named the stone after the river in which is was found, the Achates, in Italy. (The river is now known as the Dirillo).

Agate magical properties

Perception, wisdom, balance, spirituality, goodwill, peace, memory, concentration, stamina, truth, clarity, honesty, courage, protection, calming, sleep, dreams, strength, longevity, nature, love, anti-stress, energy

The above covers all agate in general but mostly the banded, brown and black (see separate sections for blue lace and moss agate.

Energy: Projective

Element: Fire

Planet: Mercury

Zodiac: Gemini

Carry moss agate to calm your nerves.

Wear or carry agate to bring you confidence.

Suggested cleansing:

As the original agate stone was found in a river, water is the perfect medium for cleansing.

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