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Crystal Magic - Amber


A stone of liquid sunshine…although not technically a stone at all, it is the fossilised resin of a coniferous tree (now sadly extinct). It is however incredibly ancient and was apparently one of the first gems to be worn as bling. Jewellery using amber has been found as far back as 8000BCE. The Greek word ‘electron’ translates as ‘amber’ which in turn is said to have also been the base for the word ‘electricity’. Amber can apparently hold an electrical charge, when rubbed it will produce a negative electrical energy. It has long been a stone of manifestation and luck and one to bring happiness and positive energy. Most amber comes in yellow to orange, but you can often find green amber and even red, blue and black on occasion. It is nearly always transparent and can sometimes include a small insect or piece of plant that became trapped in the sticky resin before it hardened. Cloudy amber is caused by air being trapped when the resin was soft. Amber always feels warm to the touch, which led to the belief that it possessed a life. It has also been associated with Akash or the fifth element, spirit, that which binds together the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. You can also find amberoid which is several small pieces of amber which have been fused together with heat and oil.

Amber magical properties:

Manifesting, energy, beauty, sun magic, power, wishes, intellect, clarity, wisdom, balance, purification, protection, psychic abilities, healing, calm, patience, love, sensuality, good luck, marriage, abundance, success, vitality, joy, sexuality, cleansing, stress, harmony, creativity.

Energy: Projective

Element: Fire, Spirit

Planet: Sun

Zodiac: Leo

Place a piece of amber on your altar to add oomph to all your magical workings.

Keep with you to protect against curses and hexes.

Amber is very grounding, don’t wear it all the time.

Suggested cleansing

Amber can become cloudy when it has absorbed negative energy. Cleanse with warm water. Don’t leave in direct sunlight as it can become brittle. Amber can easily be scratched and will be damaged by chemicals and cleaning solutions. Don’t put it near a flame, it can burn.

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