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Crystal Magic - Amethyst


Possibly one of the most well-known crystals and one that is worked with a lot. The name amethyst comes from the Greek word ‘amethystos’ which translates as ‘non-intoxicating’. Ancient Romans and Greeks believed it would prevent them from getting drunk…wonder how well that worked for them? Amethyst is mentioned in the Egyptian Book of the Dead; a heart shaped piece being placed on the deceased body to help them travel peacefully to the next otherworld. Amethyst is also a favourite of Buddha. Amethyst is crystalline quartz, the colour ranging from lilac to dark purple which is created by iron impurities and sometimes exposure to natural radiation. Once naturally heated parts of it will turn yellow, becoming citrine – the mixed stone then becoming ametrine. There are also some ametrine that have been artificially heated to create a similar result. It is widely considered to be a soothing and spiritual stone but also one of change and transition. Amethyst holds transitional energy and can help bring about changes within your life in a smooth and calm way.

Amethyst magical properties

Peace, protection, success, good luck, hidden knowledge, legal issues, spirituality, contentment, soothing, relaxation, calm, hope, patience, transformation, changes, breaking patterns, grounding, guilt, overcoming addictions, business matters, judgement, clarity, courage, travel, psychic protection, sleep, anxiety, focus, understanding, happiness, justice, intuition, inspiration, channelling, meditation.

Exchange pieces of amethyst with your loved one to enhance your love bonds (heart shaped pieces would be perfect for this).

Pop a piece of amethyst in with your tarot, oracle cards or runes to help with your intuition.

Amethyst is an excellent all-round healing stone.

Keep amethyst with you to help you focus and aid your memory.

Energy: Receptive

Element: Water

Planet: Jupiter, Neptune

Zodiac: Pisces, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Birthstone: February

Suggested cleansing

Amethyst clusters can be used to place other stones upon to cleanse them.

Cleanse amethyst under the moonlight. Don’t place in the sunlight, it will fade.

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