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Crystal Magic - Bloodstone


This gem has such a brilliant name, conjures up images of Vikings for me…Bloodstone is a dark green variety of chalcedony/quartz that is speckled with red or brown spots (which are splodges of iron oxide). The red/brown spots looking a little like blood, hence the name. How many or how few spots you get depends on each gemstone. During medieval times it was believed that the stone was created when Christ’s blood fell and stained the jasper stone at the bottom of the cross during his crucifixion. Symbols were then carved into the stones to depict the crucifixion, leading to the stone being nick named ‘martyr’s stone’. Bloodstone is sometimes referred to as heliotrope which is made from two Greek words ‘helios’ and ‘tropos’ which translates as ‘sun to turn’. Bloodstone has been used magically for several thousands of years, primarily to help gain control of negative spirits it was also worn to prevent the wearer being cheated or deceived.

Bloodstone magical properties:

Organisation, adaptability, anxiety, clarity, concentration, renewal, energy, self-confidence, connection, calm, protection, breaking barriers, selfishness, mysticism, insight, spirituality, truth, intuition, creativity, guidance, strength, healing, victory, wealth, money, power, invisibility, deception, negative energy, divine connection, past life, dreams.

Energy: Projective

Element: Fire, Earth

Planet: Mars

Zodiac: Aries, Pisces, Scorpio

Birthstone: February, March

Use bloodstone with your spell work to increase the power of the working.

Bloodstone will increase your consciousness.

Suggested cleansing

Cleanse and recharge under running water or in sunlight.

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