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Crystal Magic - Carnelian


Another from the chalcedony family this comes in shades of red, orange, pink and brown, the colour is caused by iron oxide. Two schools of thought about the name, it may come from the Latin word ‘cornum’ which means ‘cherry’ (and some of them do look like cherries to be fair) or that it derives from the Latin word ‘carneus’ which means ‘flesh’ ewwww. The Egyptian Book of the Dead tells that carnelians were placed in tombs for protection in the life after. They would also carry it with them in the living world to provide a source of energy. Carnelian was often used in seal rings to stamp into letter wax.

Carnelian magical properties

Grounding, protection, calm, concentration, confidence, self-worth, success, courage, creativity, negative energy, direction, control, organisation, opportunity, planning, psychic protection, jealousy, hate, harmony, depression, doubt, patience, stability, vitality, motivation, stamina, passion, truth, love, faith, honesty, trust, luck, abundance

Energy: Projective

Element: Fire

Planet: Sun

Zodiac: Taurus, Leo

Birthstone: May, June, July, August

Carnelian spell work

Place carnelian in your home to bring peace and harmony.

Put carnelian in the west of your home for creativity and in the south for luck and success.

Carnelian will bring the ‘va va’ back into your ‘voom’ and give you a new love of life.

Wear carnelian to bring you clarity and courage.

Suggested cleansing

Cleanse under warm running water and recharge in the sunlight. Keep a carnelian in with other stones to help cleanse them.

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