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Crystal Magic - Citrine


Citrine is a form of quartz. Natural citrine is fairly uncommon, most of the citrine you find in the shops is created by heat treating amethyst or smoky quartz. It only takes a low temperature to turn the colour to a yellow. The higher the temperature the darker yellow the quartz becomes.

Brazil is the largest citrine source, but they may also come from Argentina, Madagascar, Zaire, Namibia, Spain or Russia. The name may be derived from the French word for lemon which is ‘citron’. Although not one of the major stones in ancient cultures, citrine has been mentioned throughout history for over 6000 years. It was used a great deal throughout the first and second century in Greece and Rome, mainly for a talisman against evil, scandal, treachery and overindulging.

Citrine magical properties:

Happiness, joy, sun magic, negative energy, optimism, abundance, depression, stress, success, wealth, healing, intuition, creativity, confidence, changes, self-esteem, protection, psychic powers, fears, clarity, stamina, nightmares

Energy: Projective

Element: Fire

Planet: Sun, Jupiter

Zodiac: Scorpio

Birthstone: November

Suggested Cleansing:

Citrine is one of the few stones that never requires cleansing or clearing, it does that itself.

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