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Crystal Magic - Fluorite

Fluorite magical properties

Magic, imagination, discernment, aptitude, psychic protection, protection, purification, calming, relaxation, tension, anxiety, organisation, structure, challenges, declutter, releasing, support, breaking patterns, intuition, confidence, reassurance, comforting, communication, balance, spirituality, decisions, manifestation, peace, meditation, grounding, healing, cleansing, channelling, past life work, fairy realm, amplifying, memory, power, emotions, depression, stability

Energy: Projective

Element: Water, Air

Planet: Neptune

Zodiac: Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces

Use with other crystals in spells to open up the channels and allow the energy from other crystals to ‘do their thing’.

An excellent stone to work with to help meditate and focus your concentration.

Fluorite will really increase the ooh la la in your life…you have been warned.

Suggested cleansing

Because of its ability to so easily absorb negative energy, cleanse fluorite regularly. Pop under running water to cleanse and charge in sunlight.

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