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Crystal Magic - Goldstone


Now I know this isn’t a naturally occurring stone and it is in fact man made from glass with copper flecks in, but it is beautiful, and I use it regularly to work successful magic with. The story behind it tells of monks messing about with alchemy in an attempt to create gold, they knocked over a pot of copper shavings that fell into molten glass et voila goldstone was made! The original name for goldstone was ‘aventurine glass’ taken from the Italian word ‘avventurina’ which translates as ‘accidental’. Goldstone is usually recognised as being brown with gold flecks, but you can also find the stone in blue with the same gold flecks. Either way it is a very pretty stone.

Goldstone magical properties

Ambition, luck, goals, determination, persistence, achievements, success, calm, emotions, energy, enthusiastic, confidence, self-belief, inner self, personal development, possibilities, courage, direction, clarity, uplifting, optimism, protection, deflects negative energy, knowledge, perception, manifestation, creativity, faith, energy flow, spirituality, abundance, wealth, grounding, perspective, ambition, drive, ingenuity, money, generosity, willpower, goals, emotions, divination (see also copper for additional magical properties).

Energy: Receptive/Projective

Element: Fire, Earth

Planet: Jupiter, Venus

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Keep goldstone in your home to bring about a calm and positive environment.

Place goldstone at work to increase productivity and creativity, it also brings in business and prosperity.

Recommend cleansing

Cleanse in luke warm water with dish/washing up liquid soap, rinse in luke warm water and wipe with a soft cloth. Be careful not to scratch the surface.

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