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Crystal Magic - Hematite


This is a weird one and actually one of the stones that I don’t work with very often as I find it very ‘heavy’ and overpowering, but it is excellent to use in magic. The outside is a silvery black metallic colour and the inside is stained dark red, like blood. Hematite being made mostly of iron the red colour is caused by rust. And now it gets a bit confusing…what you often find sold as hematite is in reality a stone called hematine. Hematine is made from a mixture of stainless steel, comium and nickel sulphides. It is to the eye virtually identical to natural hematite, however hermatine is magnetic and natural hematite is not.

Hematite magical properties

Grounding, money, decisions, manifestation, finances, healing, focus, clarity, stability, protection, balance, divination, problem solving, emotions, self-esteem, productivity, doubt, anxiety, communication, strength.

Energy: Projective

Element: Fire, Earth

Planet: Saturn

Zodiac: Aries, Aquarius

Use a piece of polished hematite as a scrying stone.

Hematite when worn by a Scorpio is said to change temperature to warn of danger.

Place in your home to dispel negative energy, preferably near doorways or windows.

Carry with you when going into a difficult situation, it will provide you with protective ‘armour’.

Problems with spirits not leaving your house? Place hematite in your home to get rid of negative spiritual entities.

Keep a piece of hematite under your pillow to help you sleep and keep nightmares at bay.

Suggested cleansing

Do not cleanse with water, as it can be damaging to the stone. Cleanse with other quartz crystals or with salt. You can also use hematite to cleanse other crystals.

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