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Crystal Magic - Lepidolite


A form of mica lepidolite is source of lithium. It is made from layers of hexagonal plates, aluminium silicate sheets bound with layers of potassium ions. Found in shades of purple through to pink it sometimes has crystal lines through it.

Lepidolite magical properties

Transformation, soothing, calming, stress, happiness, changes, emotions, psychic abilities, spirituality, depression, divination, connection, strength, uplifting, luck, hope, balance, peace, sleep, harmony, decisions, addiction, releasing, trust, goals, optimism, patience, dreams, opportunities, support, love

Energy Receptive

Element Water

Planet Jupiter, Neptune

Zodiac Libra

Lepidolite spell work

Keep lepidolite beside your bed to enhance your dreams and bring about a calm energy.

Pop a piece of lepidolite in your home or office to create a happy and calm environment.

Suggested cleansing

Lepidolite is a soft stone so be careful as it can be easily damaged.

Cleanse with incense smoke or visualisation.

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