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Crystal Magic - Orange Calcite

Calcite (orange)

I have a large piece of orange calcite…it looks like a slab of raw salmon…Calcite is made of calcium carbonate and is found in many geological environments as a part of sedimentary rocks, limestone being one. Calcite is from the Greek word ‘chalix’ which translates as ‘lime’. You will also find calcite in the form of stalactites and stalagmites in caves.

Calcite (orange) magical properties

Amplification, energy, protection, grounding, centring, purification, peace, calm, emotions, balance, fear, depression, problems, power, potential, breaking patterns, changes, inspiration, creativity, positive energy, wealth, abundance, leadership, perseverance, finances, confidence, determination, money, opportunities, clarity, productivity, release

Energy: Receptive

Element: Earth

Planet: Sun

Zodiac: Cancer

Calcite causes the optical trick of ‘double refraction’, when you place calcite over an image it can cause it to appear double. This gives the stone the ability to double up the power when working any spell. Wear or place on your altar during the spell working.

Calcite will help aid your memory and bring clarity to decisions.

An excellent stone to meditate with it opens doorways to your spirituality.

Suggested cleansing

Cleanse under running water, charge with other quartz crystals.

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