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Crystal Magic - Red Jasper


There are all sorts of different colours and patterns of jasper, it is a real pick n mix type of stone each piece coming in a different colour and pattern. Usually a brown base colour it also comes in other colours such as green, blue, white and red. It can be found with spots, stripes, rings and a mottled effect (in case you need a stone for camouflage this would be the one). The name translates as ‘spotted or speckled’ (no originality there then) and comes either from the Latin ‘iaspidem’ or the old French word ‘jaspre’. With a base of chalcedony, it has other minerals within that give it the patterned appearance.

Red & brick jasper

Energy Projective

Element Fire

Planet Mars

Magical properties:

Guardian, protective, defensive magic, deflecting negative energy, health, healing, beauty, transformation, balance, stability

Have jasper around your home to promote peace, harmony and balance.

Put a piece of jasper in the south west of your home to keep love in your marriage (or attract love into your life).

A good stone to carry with you for protection when travelling.

Suggested cleansing

Cleanse under warm running water and recharge by placing with hematite stones.

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