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Dear Diary: Imposter syndrome, black out and slide shows

It has been a busy few weeks but if I am honest it is always busy!


MoonCon epicness

Mooncon24 was epic, there is no other word to describe it.  We had a new format this year and it worked brilliantly.  It was a fascinating experience to be a part of, just listening to the knowledge and experience that our speakers have – Mhara Starling, Morgan Daimler and Jhenah Telyndru are all absolute legends.  To be honest I felt a bit out of my depth on occasion, I was among experts in their field, and it was awesome but scarily made me think about how lacking my own knowledge is.


If you missed the live event, you can catch the replay on



One evening last week we had just settled down to watch TV when all of a sudden, the electricity went off leaving us sitting in the dark.  I cannot remember the last time we had a power cut; it was a little bizarre.  However, one thing you are never lacking in the home of a witch is candles.  I didn’t even have to root around in the cupboards, because the candles were already out.  Pete and I sat at the kitchen table surrounded by candles and playing cards.  Eventually the teenager ventured out from his bedroom, still hooked up to his mobile phone, but perhaps a little freaked out sitting in his bedroom on his own in the dark!   The power was only off for about half an hour, but it did give us pause to think.  The first thing we did was use the torch app on our phones, just to find the lighter for the candles but then reminded ourselves that we wouldn’t be able to charge said phones once they ran out of power.  Then the thought that it would get colder as the evening wore on because the heating wouldn’t work.  No lights, no heating, no phones, no TV, no cooking – nothing worked.  It was a sobering thought and a reminder about how reliant we are on power of all kinds.

Spring surprises

During my live chat on Wednesday morning this week I expressed out it didn’t feel like spring yet, despite being the spring equinox as we have had so much rain and dreary weather.  Then lo and behold!  Wednesday turned out to be bright, sunny and incredibly warm.  I was thankful to be honest as I spent Wednesday out in nature.  It was a reminder never to underestimate Mother Nature because despite the previous weather, signs of spring were everywhere.  The hedgerows were filled with blackthorn blossom, celandines, dead nettles and even some comfrey.  The fields were green and filled with plenty of rabbits munching away at the grass.  It was glorious, so I send my apologies to Mother Nature for doubting her.


Slide shows and laptops

Tomorrow I will be giving a talk at the wonderful Wild Witchcraft Conference.  It is a lovely event with a fabulous energy.   I was asked to give a talk about Sulis, which isn’t a problem obviously because I work with her and of course I wrote a book about her too (to be published in September).  But it will be the first time I have given a talk on her to an audience, and I wobbled a bit.  Usually I give a talk on practical witchcraft subjects and I just go with the flow often without any notes.  This time there is a lot of historic and archaeological evidence and information along with dates, this needs to be correct.  I felt the need to write out some notes but was hesitant as I don’t want to read the talk.  Then inspiration struck and I decided to put together a slide show presentation, which I am hoping will work to help the flow of words.  Actually I think the talk will benefit greatly from the images, it is a fascinating subject and the pictures of the Roman Baths, the offerings and finds will help round out who Sulis is and what she means.   This did involve me digging out an ancient steam driving laptop as I will need to take it with me.  I don’t use a laptop at home, I have PCs, which don’t lend themselves to being portable.  There followed an hour and a half of me updating the laptop, clearing out the memory space and uploading the necessary software.  I am hoping that tomorrow technology will talk to each other and run smoothly, wish me luck!

Looking for…?

Honestly, I feel a bit out of place at the moment, I don’t think the spring energy has caught up with me yet.  I feel as if I am searching for something, but I am not sure what.  I do feel the need to learn something new, but again I am not sure what, I will need to be patient and trust that the Universe will send whatever it is my way when it believes I am ready…

Not impressed

And just to throw this in here, Eric got a new coat, he was not impressed.





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