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Egg cup and stone prosperity spell

Egg cup and stone prosperity spell

What you will need

A pebble or small tumble stone crystal

An egg cup or small cup

A small bowl, slightly bigger than the egg cup

A second bowl, slightly larger than the other

A jug of water

If you work this spell on a Thursday, you will get an added abundance boost from the energy of Jupiter. Cast during a waxing moon phase to also ramp up the money vibe.

Set the largest bowl on a flat surface.

Place the smaller bowl inside and then the egg cup inside that.

Pop your pebble or crystal inside the egg cup. Pebbles carry the energy of the element of earth which is all about stability and material goodies. If you use a crystal, pick one that resonates with you, I like to use a green crystal for prosperity magic, but trust your intuition.

Pour the water into the egg cup and keep pouring, allowing the water to overflow into the smaller bowl. Visualise money coming into you and all your financial needs being met as you do so. You might like to chant, something like:

Money, money come to me

Prosperity, abundance and financial security

Allow my cup to overflow

And my bank account, money to show

As is my will, make it so!

Keep pouring until the water overflows into the largest bowl.

Say a little thank you and use the water in your garden or for pot plants.

Pop the crystal/pebble into your purse or bag.

Spell taken from Kitchen Witchcraft: The Element of Earth by Rachel Patterson


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