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Fire: The Basics

A sneak preview from the book Kitchen Witchcraft: The Element of Fire

Fire within me

Flames around me

Passion beyond me

Energy fills me

Fire: The Basics

The elements are the original foundation of which all other things are made, by unification or transformation. The ancients divided the world into four basic elements which we know as Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. These four elements are vital to our survival for without any one of them we could not exist. The four elements, five if you count ether/spirit make up the base foundation of magic. We use them in ritual, energy work, healing and spell work.

We are all probably drawn more to one element than the others. They each have their own unique characteristics and properties that we can tap in to. They can be used individually or mix ‘n match to add power. I do think it helps to have a balance of them all.

Fire is a little different from the other three elements as it cannot be physically touched without causing injury. It naturally exists in our sun but must be created here on earth and so it can be said that it doesn’t have a natural home. We need the element of fire to grow and cook our food and to keep us warm in winter.

Fire is the element of action, passion, transformation and of change. Fire rules all forms of magic, because magic is the process of change, but fire is destructive and will consume and destroy before change can happen. Passion, the sacred fire of sex, the spark of divinity which shines within all living things are associated with the element of fire. This element also rules transformation, will, fear, anger, power, jealousy, purification, energy, strength, power, achievement, life, and ecstatic dance. Fire also rules physical things and places such as blood, sap, deserts, volcanoes, the sun and fires of all varieties, from a simple candle flame to an eruption or explosion.

The place of fire in most witchcraft traditions is in the south of the ritual circle, it is associated with midday and the height of summer. You will often find a candle on an altar to represent the element of fire. Early man would probably have only encountered fire when something was struck by lightning and so it would be fair to say that they would have thought it was something magical, sent to them from the heavens. We now use it as a spiritual focus whether that is as a hearth fire or ritual flame.

Here are a few of my own fire correspondences:

Gender – Masculine

Animals – Dragon, lion, bee, phoenix, coyote, fox, lizard, snake, cricket, praying mantis, shark, squirrel, porcupine, badger, coyote, fox, cat, bear, rabbit, hawk, horse

Colour – Black, orange, red, white, yellow

Direction – South

Divination – Candle and fire scrying

Energy - Projective

Time - noon

Magic – Candle, burning, manifesting, burn petitions, scrying, burning herbs, fire, light, heat

Magical Tool – Athame, sometimes the wand

Musical Instrument – Guitar, string instruments

Symbols – Flames, lava

Places – Deserts, volcanoes, gyms, ovens, fireplaces, hot springs, bedrooms, gym, locker room, sauna, athletic field

Spell work/Rituals/Positive Qualities – Courage, change, energy, protection, strength, passion, personal power, ingenuity, manifesting, will power, bravery, beginnings, drive, action, death and rebirth, movement, ideas, change, sensuality, purification, breaking bad habits, authority, banishing, transformation, negativity, sex, authority, speed, creativity, destruction, cleansing, sexuality, force, motion, anger, desire, work, freedom

Negatives: Anger, jealousy, stubbornness, greed, arrogance, resentment, possessiveness, cruelty, violence

Season – Summer

Spirits – Salamanders

Zodiac - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Tarot – The suit of Wands

Pentagram position – Lower right

Archangel - Michael


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