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Garden Magic - pick a theme...

All plants have spirits, and to connect with the magical property of each plant it is my suggestion that you talk to the spirit within it, make a connection. This is easily done, if you don’t mind the neighbours thinking you are slightly mad.

Every single plant, tree, herb and flower will have its own very individual and unique energy. That energy can be used for magical or medicinal purposes. But you can also connect with the plant spirit and use its energies for healing, knowledge or seeking answers to questions. Even if you just want to ask why the plant is poorly, not growing well or whether it has enough water.

If you want to find out what magical property a particular herb or plant you have in front of you has, there is a very simple way…ask it! Calm and centre yourself, have the plant or herb in front of you and slowly bring your hands up and towards the plant, as you do so ask (out loud or in your mind) if you can connect with the plants energy (its aura if you like). As your hands get closer to the plant you should start to fill a resistance coming from the ‘bubble’ that is the plant’s energy field. As you connect with this energy ask what magical properties it holds, hopefully your intuition will answer you.

You can connect with plant spirit guides in various ways. Dreams and meditations are the easiest way to meet your plant ally. Before you go to sleep put out the intent that you would like to meet a plant spirit guide, in particular YOUR plant spirit guide. You will often find that in your dream you will see a plant, tree or flower or you might smell the scent of an herb or even just hear the name of a plant mentioned in your dream. This will often be backed up by seeing that same plant the following day whilst out and about or on the television or in a book.

If you prefer to meditate, set out the intent that you want to meet your plant spirit guide before you make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and focus on your breathing, then see where your mind takes you and what landscape it leads you to.

Pick a theme, any theme

Themed gardens can be fun to design. Obviously if you have a large plot you could put several different themed areas in (I can but dream…). Even if your garden is small you can always dedicate one corner to a theme. There are plenty of ideas to choose from but here are some suggestions to get you started.

Dark and deadly with baneful plants

The seasons

The sabbats

Intent - prosperity, love, protection, healing, meditation

Sun or Moon

Herbal tea garden

The elements

Gothic themed

Carnivorous bog garden

Wildlife garden

Herb garden

Deity garden

Pantheon themed

Fictional - Alice in Wonderland or The Hobbit

Planetary garden


To watch a replay of my talk on Garden Magic, click the link below

Information from: Kitchen Witchcraft Garden Magic by Rachel Patterson


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