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Journey with me and the English deities...

This book was a labour of love to write and sent me down so many rabbit holes, expanding and exploring my own personal journey with deity.

Pagan Portals Gods & Goddesses of England will be released 30th June 2023 but is available for pre-order now from all the usual stockists.

"Rachel Patterson unearths and shines light on England’s ancient gods and goddesses — many of whom, until now, had long since been forgotten. Based on archaeological finds and ancient manuscripts, and including information about the tribes that once made their home in England's pleasant lands, this book shall serve as a guide to the gods and goddesses of England, with suggested ways to work and connect with these very special deities."

Sneak preview of the contents listing:



Part I - The History of Humans

Let’s look at the Isles



The Monuments



Iron Age

The Celts

The Druids

The Tribes of Ancient Britain

The Romans

The Germanic Tribes, the Angles, Saxons and Jutes

The Vikings

Part II - Gods & Goddesses

The Pantheons

Gods & Goddesses

Making a Connection

Meet The Deities:


The Three Mothers/Matres


An English Ending

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