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Magic: It's in the stones

You can find stones anywhere it might be in the hedgerow, the forest, a field, on the seashore or in your garden, if you are really stuck then you can buy them in a bag at home depot stores.

Stones carry a huge amount of earth energy with them and they have all sorts of uses. They will also carry the energy from the area they are found.

If you are lucky enough to live by the sea or a river you may even find hag stones sometimes called holey stones, hex stones or fairy stones.

Basically, they are stones where the water has worked through them and made a hole in the centre.

In folk lore hag stones were often used to ward against curses, nightmares, evil spirits and of course witches… They can also be used to look through to see into other worlds, realms or to see fairies. It is also said that you can look through the hole in a hag stone and see things in reality as it helps to look past any glamours or illusions.

These stones were used to keep away the evil hag spirit that would bring nightmares and so the stones were hung in bedrooms and placed on window sills.

Some sailors would tie holey stones to the bows of their boats to protect against malevolent witchcraft. Similarly farm buildings would have a small holey stone or pebble tied to the key for the building – this was to prevent the witches that rode the hedgerows at night from hexing the farm and to prevent the witches from ‘hag riding’ the horses.

Wearing a hag stone around your neck as an amulet was said to protect the wearer against the evil eye and would also apparently prevent the wearer from being pixie led whilst out walking.

The holey stone was also said to be able to cure disease either by wearing the stone as a pendant around your neck or by rubbing the stone over a wound or painful joint.

So…basically as I am assuming you don’t want to use hag stones to protect against witches…they can be used for all sorts of protection and healing spell work. They can be worn as amulets or popped into medicine pouches or witches’ bottles, you can also just put them on your window sills or hang one above your doorway for protection. If you are looking for a bit of fertility they are also good to hang over your bed to help facilitate pregnancy.

If you happen to find several hag stones they can be strung on a piece of string each one spaced apart and knotted below, this adds to the power of the stone bringing knot magic into play as well.

Hold a hag stone in your left hand and visualise success and your desires, rub your thumb around the hole in the stone in a deosil direction. Keep the stone with you and repeat the spell regularly to reinforce the magic.

But…depending on what area you live in hag stones aren’t always easy to find so…use your intuition and pick pebbles or stones that appeal to you, sometimes a nice-looking stone will find its way to you. Each stone has the power of the element of earth, so it can pack a good protection punch even if it hasn’t got a hole in it.

If you have worries or troubles or feel that you need to get rid of some negative vibes, then send them into a pebble or stone.

Once you have released your woes into the stone throw it into a river or the sea or bury it beneath the earth…taking your troubles away with it.

Flat pebbles can also be used to draw beautiful images on, I have several that I have used as god and goddess representations on my altar, I also mark the compass directions on large stones to use in ritual. You can draw images of animals on pebbles to use as animal spirit guide correspondences or just write positive affirmation words on pebbles to keep in the house to remind you to be happy.

If you manage to find a large flattish stone, it can be used as a garden altar or for burning loose incense upon.


If you would like to watch a video of my talk, click the link below:

This information can be found in Witchcraft into the Wilds by Rachel Patterson


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