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Magical Food - Cardamom


(Elettaria cardamomum)

Lovely warm spice that not only brings heat to your food but also to your passion ;-) The seeds are the parts used and these are collected from the plant just before they ripen.

With the warmth of the spice it works well for lust and love but is also stimulating to the body and mind bringing clarity of thought and uplift to the spirit.

Add cardamom seeds to the food or drink you intend to share with a partner, it will add passion to your relationship.

Carry cardamom seeds with you to attract love. Add the pods to incense blends to use in your home to bring protection and love to the house.

Cardamom Magical Properties:

Love, passion, clarity, uplifting, protection

Ruling planet – Venus, Mars

Element – Water

Gender – Feminine

From A Kitchen Witch's World of Magic Food by Rachel Patterson


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