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Magical Food - Figs


(Ficus carica)

The fruit of the fig is borne from a deciduous tree that has scented leaves; the fruit can be used fresh or dried.

The small and perfectly formed fig is a very ancient fruit; Egyptian priests would eat a fig at the end of consecration ceremonies. In ancient Greece the fig was a sacred fruit and could not be picked until the local priest had decided they were ready.

The fig symbolises the rewards of meditation practice.

Keep fresh figs in your home to bring luck and abundance, this also works if you have one of the Ficus family of plants.

Offer someone a fig and allow them to eat it whilst you are holding the fruit this apparently makes them fall for you…

Carve a phallic image from fig wood and carry with you to ensure fertility, eating fresh figs will bring about the same fertile energies.

Using a fresh fig leaf write a question that you would like an answer to on it, if the leaf dries slowly then the answer is yes, if it dries quickly the answer is no.

I have stated both masculine and feminine energies for the fig because the flower from the plant is unisexual.

Figs Magical Properties:

Meditation, love, fertility, divination

Ruling planet – Jupiter

Element – Air, Fire

Gender – Masculine/Feminine

From A Kitchen Witch's World of Magic Food by Rachel Patterson


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