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Magical Self Care: The Spiritual You

We all lose connection with our spirituality at some point along the way, sometimes more than once. I myself have been there on more than one occasion. Life gets hectic and busy and your spirituality gets lost. Remember…you don’t have to be a Super Witch; you also don’t need to be perfect.

I think some people believe Witches get up at dawn each day to collect dew from the plants and venture out at midnight to pick herbs in the correct moon phase. The rest of the day is spent in meditation or creating spells and potions, followed by a naked ritual under the stars… And there may well be some that follow that regime, but I bet they are very few and far between.

Real life involves going to work, housework, chores, running errands, sorting children and spouses out, and all the other mundane stuff that needs to be done. I just don’t have time to summon demons before breakfast! Your pathway is very personal to you and you need to make it work alongside everything else. Don’t beat yourself up if you missed a full moon or a sabbat; the fiery pits of Hades will not open up and swallow you. Do what you can, do what feels right to you, and work it into your schedule. Definitely don’t let yourself get stressed out because you feel that you “aren’t doing things properly.” Your spirituality is within YOU and it doesn’t matter if life gets in the way from time to time. It will still be there when you are ready to pick it up again.

Stand outside and give thanks to nature. Feed the birds and breathe in the sunshine or the moonlight. You can even connect with nature whilst hanging out the washing or taking out the trash. It only takes a moment. Don’t complicate things. This is your journey, your rules, and your pathway. Give yourself a break, do what you can, and make it work for you.

If you have lost your connection completely, there are ways to slowly and gently bring it back. You don’t need to rush headlong into it. My recommendation is to ask yourself why you lost the connection in the first place. Is there a reason why it happened? Do you need to tweak or change your pathway a bit? Did you just need some time out? Did life just get too darn busy? It may be one, all, or none of these, but whatever it was, it can be sorted.

Often, I have realised my connection was broken for a reason. My solution was to sort out whatever it was, take some time away, and then slowly tiptoe back in. Baby steps.

  • My first step is usually to clean and clear out my altar. Take everything down, freshen it up, and re-dress it completely. Here are some other steps you can take to strengthen your connection:

  • Start meditating for a short while each day, perhaps in front of your newly dressed altar.    

  • Read a new book about a spiritual pathway or reread one that you love.

  • Do some research on a deity, spirit animal, plant, or crystal you haven’t studied before. Be guided by your intuition.

  • Do some drumming, singing, or dancing.

  • Craft some magic such as an incense blend, witch bottle, or a poppet.

  • Get outside and enjoy nature.

  • Turn off your phone and step away from your computer for a set amount of time each day. Start with fifteen or twenty minutes and work your way up. Set aside that time to do something you love.

  • Write a ritual, a chant, a spell, or a poem.


It honestly does happen to all of us at some point or other; know that you aren’t the only one.

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