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Magical Self Care: Everyday Ritual for Sleep

Your feet are an important part of your body and can be very telling. The sole of the foot is a map for the entire body.

Give your tootsies a little TLC—you will feel the effects throughout your entire body.

Start with relaxation stretches for your feet: wriggle your toes and rotate your ankles.

Then, using your usual moisturiser, focus on the outside edge of your big toe. That is the spot that helps release melatonin into your bloodstream; it aids with sleep.

Begin at the base of the toe and rub up and down the edge of the toe.

The ball of your foot represents the solar plexus, so massage there to help you relax.

The crease inside the big toe, just above the ball of your foot, is another good place to massage to release tension in your whole body.

Finish with a light massage all over both feet and you are done!

If you’d like an extra-relaxing experience, add a few drops of lavender oil to your moisturiser next time.

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