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Marmite Bread

My husband loves Marmite and I must admit it does work well in savoury recipes. This one is no exception.

wholemeal strong bread flour 480g/17 oz

molasses or black treacle 40g/1.4 oz

salt 2 teaspoons

7g/heaped teaspoon fast action yeast

Marmite or Vegemite 2 tablespoons

300ml/10.5 fl oz luke warm water

Mix the flour, molasses and salt, and put into the mixing bowl of an electronic food mixer with a dough hook. In a separate bowl add a quarter of the water with the yeast to make a cloudy liquid, ensuring the yeast is well dissolved.

Add this to the flour, salt, and molasses mix, and start the mixer on the lowest speed. Start to add the remaining water to the mix and slowly beat until it starts to form a dough. Add the Marmite and beat on medium speed for 10 minutes. Then, take the dough out of the machine and knead for a further 5 minutes by hand on a floured surface. Put into another clean bowl, cover with a damp ta towel and leave to prove for a couple of hours, longer if you can - in a warm place, or overnight in the fridge. Once proved, knock back the dough.

Line a loaf tin with melted butter and dust with flour. Shape the dough into an even sausage shape and put in to the loaf tin.

Prove the dough again for 2 hours covered with a damp tea towel.

Once doubled in size, bake at 160C/fan 180C/gas 3 for 45 minutes.

This is delicious when sliced and toasted!


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