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New Moon Magic

After the dark skies, when you can just see the first slither of the Moon in the sky.

New Moon Magic

New beginnings, new adventures, new projects, anything new really, changes and opportunities. Inspiration, hope, manifesting, intentions, planning creating and wishes. Potential, dreams, anything is possible, ideas and intuition, good luck and protection. This is the phase you should use for acknowledging those plans you want to start. Write lists, plot, plan and scheme. Get all those ideas down on paper and formulate, clarify and start making contact. Get everything organized ready to roll out later. This is a time to do the ground work.

  • Write down all the goals and desires you have. Stand outside under the new Moon and read the list aloud. Leave the list outside to charge with the Moon energy, or inside on a window sill. Then place the list on your altar.

  • Create a mind map of plans. Take a clean sheet of paper and write your goal in the centre, then just jot down any words or thoughts on the paper, connected with that goal. Don’t think too hard, just let the words hit the paper. You can make sense of it afterwards.

  • Meditate sitting under the Moon, outside if you have a safe place, or inside by a window. Just sit quietly and focus on the Moon and the phase she is in. Ask her what guidance she has for you.

  • Clean and clear your altar and sacred space.

  • Work on decorating or tidying up your book of shadows.

New Moon Colours

You must work with the colours that you associate with this Moon phase, but here are my suggestions:

• Green

• Orange

• White

Plants for the New Moon

You can work with any plants that you feel drawn to, but these are my suggestions.








New Moon Foods, Herbs and Spices

This phase is all about new beginnings so with regard to food it is an excellent time to start a new way of eating (notice I avoid the word ‘diet’). It is also about changes, opportunities and inspiration so how about trying a new food that you have not eaten before? Keep your foods light and not too heavy, no big ole stodgy puddings. Definitely eat seasonally and connect with the produce of the moment. Some of these foods can also be used in incense blends or spell working.






















New Moon Teas

Herbal teas can be purchased in tea bag form or ready-made loose blends and there are some fantastic brands out there. However, I have also purchased herbal teas that tasted like sweepings from the factory floor. Check the ingredients when purchasing ready made herbal teas, make sure they include only the items that the tea is supposed to taste of. Some companies bulk out with cheaper items. Herbal tea is very easy to make if you grow fresh herbs or if you have a supply of dried herbs and dried fruits. Experiment with different flavours. The basic rule is one or two teaspoons of dried herbs to a mug full of boiling water, brew for at least five minutes then strain. If you are using fresh herbs you may need a slightly larger quantity. Herbal tea can be drunk hot (obviously), left and poured over ice as a cold drink or even used as a hair rinse. Drop it into your bath water or add to a bucket of hot water and use as a floor or surface wash.

Please be careful and make sure you have identified the herbs you use correctly. Never ingest herbs that you are not sure about. Always check with a qualified practitioner if you are on medication, have health problems or are pregnant.

I have given some of my favourite recipes here, adjust the amounts of each ingredient to suit your own taste. If the blend isn’t sweet enough you can add a teaspoon of sugar or honey.

Fresh start tea:








Potential tea:

Coffee! Seriously, ditch the tea bags for a moment. Nothing gives you more potential than a good cup of coffee.

Crystals for the New Moon

You can work with any crystals that you feel drawn to, but these are my suggestions:







Quartz (clear)

Quartz (smoky)

Moon Herb Water/Candles

You can use charged Moon water for this and add to the energy by popping in plant matter, herbs and spices that correspond to the phase. I like to put the Moon water in a jar, add the herbs and plants and then float a tealight on the top. This transforms it into a jar candle spell. You can create similar jar spells using regular tap water if you don’t have Moon water. You don’t have to put a candle on the top. Just add the plant material and then use the water to anoint candles for magic, splash the water on ritual tools or dab on your pulse points to impart the Moon phase magic.

I use dried or fresh plant matter or spices, but you can also add essential oils if you prefer. Be careful with the candle if you add essential oils to the water! And it goes without saying…don’t drink the water…

These are my suggestions for the Moon phases, but trust your own intuition and the items you have to hand:

New Moon Herbal Water

Add any of these to your water: Beech bark, leaves or seeds, birch bark or leaves, cherry blossom, leaves or stones, cinnamon bark, crocus flowers or leaves, dandelion seeds, hawthorn leaves, blossom or thorns, pomegranate seeds, primrose flowers or leaves, sage, willow leaves or bark


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