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Otherworld: Ecstatic Witchcraft for the Spirits of the Land

A fellow Moon Books author, Chris Allaun has a new book coming and and it is a fabulous!

He very kindly allowed me to give you all a sneak peek, so here is a sample from

There is an energetic and mystical world that resides next to our

own. This magical place is spoken of in myths and legends of

the Celtic and Northern European people. Sometimes it is called

Elfheim or Elfland. In the Middle Ages, the term “elf” came to

mean any spirit of nature that was neither angel nor demon.

It is also sometimes referred to as Faeryland or simply Faery.

Meaning, this is the land of the Fey. For many magical people,

we simply call this wondrous place the Otherworld. In some

spiritual traditions, such as the Celtic tradition, the Otherworld

encompasses all of the shamanic three worlds within one world

of spirit. In Celtic mythology, the Otherworld contains the

land of the dead which is a place of beauty and feasting. It also

contains the realms of the gods and other beings that involve

themselves with human affairs from time to time. There is a

wonderful theory in quantum physics that says there are many

other worlds much like our own but they reside in other planes

of existence. In quantum physics, It is believed that our universe

is not alone in the vastness of creation. There is the theory of

the multiverse. This is the theory that there are many other

universes besides our own. In fact, there could be countless.

Some universes could perhaps exist in another dimension. In the

theory of other dimensions, the fourth dimension is Time and

the fifth dimensions is what we humans consider the world of

Spirit or the Otherworld. With this hypothesis, another universe

could exist side by side to ours.

The Otherworld is the world of elves, faeries, nature spirits,

spirit animals, and many other spiritual beings that have an

effect on the physical plane. In his book The Fairy-Faith in Celtic

Countries, W.Y. Evans-Wentz says:

“...this western Otherworld, if it is what we believe it to be-a poetical picture of the great subjective world-cannot be the realm of any one race of invisible beings to the exclusion of another. In it all alike-gods, Tuatha De Danann, fairies, demons, shades, and every sort of disembodied spirits-find their appropriate abode; for though it seems to surround and interpenetrate this planet even as the X-rays interpenetrate matter, it can have no other limits than of the Universe itself.”

When one enters the Otherworld, it is sometimes described as bright and shining or the glowing of starlight. This is because the Otherworld glows with the radiance of the energetic force of life and creation.

In her book Celtic Myth and Religion: A Study of Traditional Belief, with Newly Translated Prayers, Poems and Songs, Sharon Paice MacLeod says, “The Celtic Otherworld itself was described as a realm of great beauty and power, an almost dreamlike place where colors, sounds, and experiences were intensified”.

As we know, the physical plane is formed by the flowing of energies

from the spiritual plane down to the astral. Once these energies are in the astral plane they begin to form in a more tangible way. In magical thought, the astral plane is the formation stage of creation. From there, the energies flow into the etheric plane to be finalized by the life-giving energies that are found here. Then, the physical plane is formed from culmination of these forces. The Otherworld can be seen as the final intercessory between the worlds of spirit and the world of the physical. Picture it this way, the Otherworld is the realm between formation of the astral plane and finalization of the physical plane. This is also why the landscape looks almost identical to the physical landscape but it shines with light. It contains the final energetic form to all life and matter in the Universe. I have found that the beings who live in the Otherworld, such as Elves, Faeries, and Dragons help the energies of life and creation flow into the physical plane.

There is a very powerful magical link between the land and the

Otherworld because of this.

The Otherworld beings have the ability to guide the life

force, that flows to them from Spirit, through their world and

into the physical plane. These beings are closely related to nature

and the cycles of birth, growth, decay, and death.

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You can also catch a previous live talk from Chris over on the Moon Books YouTube channel:

and see Chris talk live on the Moon Books facebook page

on Wednesday 25th November 2020 at 7pm UK time.


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