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Review: Bird & Blend Tea Co

Unless you offer me a hot milky chai latte or a caramel syrup infused mug of hot milky latte I don't usually drink much in the way of hot beverages.

However I am partial to a herbal tea on occasion. But I have been so disappointed more than once with the flavour. A promising name and description more often than not proves to taste of nothing but hot water. On inspection of the ingredients it usually then appears the company has swept the warehouse floor and popped whatever sweepings they found into the packet.

And then there are thankfully exceptions to the norm...

Enter stage left...Bird & Blend Tea Co

I admit it was the promise of such delights as chocolate digestive, carrot cake and Vicky's sponge cake teas that drew me in.

Making a decision as to which ones to choose was the difficult part, so I plumped for a pick 'n mix that allowed me to choose ten different teas.

Delivery was prompt and it was well packaged with a personal hand written note inside.

I must tell you, each and every one smells divine, I could use them as room fresheners or perfume...

What impressed me the most was the quality of ingredients. Vicky's sponge cake actually has freeze dried raspberries inside, the chocolate ones have huge cocoa nibs, and the carrot cake blend? Well, that has real carrot flakes.

Each spoonful of tea blend can also be re-used to make several cups of tea without the loss of flavour.

And the flavour? Perfect, just perfect.

They aren't the cheapest but then you get what you pay for (refer back to the factory floor sweepings) and you get value for money as each spoonful makes several cups, so it probably works out equal in the long run.

I am very impressed and have already placed my second order...


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