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Review: COA Online Shop

Most of us know Children of Artemis as a community/organisation and as the organisers of Witchfest, Witchfest Midlands and The Artemis Gathering, but did you know they also have an online shop?

They carry a huge range of items such as handmade soy candles, jewellery, incense, clothing, homeware, altar and ritual items.

After much deliberation about what to order I settled on homemade soy candles, homemade incense and a very pretty t shirt.

The ordering was simple and the delivery process was very prompt. When the package arrived it was also very well packed.

I was absolutely delighted with the products.

The soy candles are excellent, all in reusable glass holders and they smell amazing.

The hand made incense, again in a reusable glass jar, smells divine.

And the t-shirt is perfect.

Definitely an online shop to add to my list. And of course once the festivals will find their stall at lots of events.


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