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Review: Flame and Feathers Witchy Box

On my continuing quest to find lovely witchcraft inspired subscription or mystery boxes I stumbled upon Flame and Feathers 'Witches Goodie Box' over on etsy.

The item arrived promptly in a sparkly jiffy bag and each item was nicely wrapped in tissue paper.

Everything was also very well labelled.

The contents:

  • Incense sticks

  • Wax melts (cookie scented)

  • Pouch with sage leaves (for faeries and worry)

  • 3 crystal tumble stones (angel aura, amethyst, bloodstone)

  • A Moonlight Mermaids lipstick

  • A box of Moonlight Mermaids glitter (2 pots) and a tube of glitter fix gel

  • A thong necklace with a crystal pendant

  • A beautiful angel aura wired crown

Quite a varied mixture of items, and all of them lovely.

The real stunner in the box is the crystal crown, it is absolutely beautiful.

Cost of the box including p&p (UK) was £24.98


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