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Review: Handmade by Rob Kerr

Oh just look at this beauty ♥

A lot of my book manuscripts are written, at least in part, by hand before I type them up so having a beautiful pen seemed perfect.

I had seen Rob's items on facebook (he creates amazing items of all kinds) so it seemed like the place to start for a beautiful pen.

Lots to choose from in terms of type - fountain, ball point or roller ball, this one in fact is duo being both rollerball and fountain. And so many beautiful finishes you are spoilt for choice!

This one caught my eye straight away, created from cholla (cactus) and red acrylic it positively sings with energy.

It arrived 24 hours after ordering (with our postal system at the moment that is just pure wizardry) and I am absolutely delighted with it.

Wonderfully made, absolutely stunning to look at, comfortable to hold and writes beautifully.

Do check out Rob's website for a range of stunning pens, bowls, chopping boards and other homewares.


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