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Review: Mojolistic Crystals & More

In my search for a crystal subscription box I was sent in the direction of Mojolistic (by recommendation). And I was not disappointed.

I received a lovely box of crystals with some really interesting items. It was nice to receive some more unusual ones. And lovely to have lots of crystals and only one or two 'other' items. The main focus being the crystals, which is what I was looking for.

I also had some lovely communication via email with the owner.

The online shop has some beautiful tumblestones and crystals and she also offers energy work services.

Moss agate


Bits & Bobs tin

Two boxes of incense cones (two of my favourite scents as well!)


Seftonite (Vulcan Jasper)

Preseli blue stone


A moonstone bracelet


Along with each crystal is a very useful information sheet, so I don't have to guess what they are or what they do!


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