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Review: Piglets Pantry

Back in December I didn't have a fully working kitchen but needed to get some festive fayre in, so I looked online.

Piglet's Pantry caught my eye, well with a name like that why wouldn't it?

Their speciality is their sausage rolls and we were not disappointed, they were amazing. Not only huge portions but absolutely delicious. We had their Leicester cheese variety. We also ordered Scotch eggs and a variety of cakes.

Everything was delivered promptly and well packaged. All of it was delicious, we would definitely order again.

They are also now sending out afternoon tea boxes, which look fabulous too.

The blurb on their website reads:

"Our hand-crafted cakes and bakes are dropped off on doorsteps across the country, creating moments that matter and turning gatherings into memorable occasions.

The Piglet’s Pantry team are a dedicated bunch of food-lovers, who design, knead, mix and decorate each treat that makes up our selection of award-winning afternoon teas, savoury pastries and cakes. Every ingredient is sourced responsibly in the UK, giving you peace of mind with every bite. From the Piglet’s family, to yours."


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