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Review: Practically Pagan - An Alternative Guide to Health & Well-being by Irisanya Moon


You are precious. Your body is precious. Your mind is precious. Your heart is precious. With your actions, with your connection to yourself, you create a foundation that can weather all that comes before you. Perhaps you have been told otherwise. Perhaps you have believed otherwise, that somehow, some way, you are less than worthy of love and care. Perhaps you know you are worthy of love and care and beauty, but need to be reminded or given permission. I want to tell you that your health, your well-being is valuable. And the actions you take to care for your beautiful self are a gift and a sacred prayer of intention.

Welcome to Practically Pagan - An Alternative Guide to Health & Well-being in which we will encounter ways to care for our health and explore strategies to support ourselves as magical and powerful beings.

An Alternative Guide to Health and Well-being is the second volume in an exciting new lifestyle series from Moon Books, which offers body, mind and planet-friendly alternatives for everyday tasks.

I suspect, like most of us, I am pretty rubbish at self care sometimes...OK, quite a lot of the time. Irisanya gives practical and useful information here to help prompt you into looking after yourself spiritually, mentally and physically. We all need this book.

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