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Review: Purdy & Figg

In an ideal world I would have the time to make my own household cleaning products, but the reality of it is, I don't. So I am always on the look out for eco friendly products that actually work.

I have progressed through several different brands of cleaning products, all that claim to be eco friendly, but a lot of them still seem to use plastic containers and sadly, don't clean very well.

Purdy and Figg have become winners for me. They use glass recyclable bottles for their cleaning products and the ingredients are all natural essential oils. Most importantly, they actually work! I am particularly impressed with the bathroom blend, which not only smells amazing but has managed to clean limescale from my bathroom with the greatest of ease.

You can buy the products as one off purchases or sign up for a subscription. If you go for the subscription option you get the first order half price and you can cancel at any time. You can also adjust the frequency of your subscription order.


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