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Review: Reusable kitchen roll

In my on going quest to replace items in my home with non plastic, biodegradable and eco friendly solutions. I discovered reusable fabric kitchen roll. It is a genius idea.

I know the simple solution is just to use your washing up cloth, but these are super absorbent and you have the option of purchasing them with poppers. Thus allowing you to popper them together in a continuous run to roll around your current kitchen roll holder. When you need a sheet of kitchen roll you pull one off and the poppers come open.

As I don't have a kitchen towel holder, choosing to slum it by just standing the roll of kitchen paper on the counter I went for the non popper variety.

Not only am I supporting an independent crafter by purchasing them from etsy, I am also saving the planet - albeit in a very small way, but every little helps right?

Really well made with super-soft bamboo towelling and backed with Rose & Hubble 100% cotton.

Wipe up your spills and just chuck them in the washing machine - easy peasy lemon squeezy.

They also come in all different prints and colours, I went for sheep, because why not?

These came from Coupes Creations, their etsy shop is


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