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Review: Screaming Mandrake Perfumes

Let's start with how awesome the name is for this company, it was the name that first drew me in.

And the design...the whole feel of the website and perfume bottles is beautiful.

Oh but the choices, yup had me stumped for a while trying to choose. I was a bit hesitant ordering perfumes online, not being able to sniff them beforehand but the website has some brilliantly detailed descriptions and it allowed me to narrow down my selection.

Each 10ml bottle is £10 but if you purchase a set of 3 you get them for £25. All perfumes are made using fragrance oils and essential oils.

There are currently 13 different scents, but I ended up choosing:

Ceremony is rich and exotic, it takes you to a place where witches hold ceremonies for their gods while incense smoulders.

Deeply fantastical and transportive.

Top Notes: Nag Champa

Heart Notes: Bonfire, Amber

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Sandalwood

The Weird Sisters

Double, double, toil And trouble. Round about the Cauldron go; In the poison’d entrails throw. By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes. Top Notes: Patchouli, Chocolate Heart Notes: Lavender, Seaspray Base Notes: Neroli, Smoke


The small dusty room creaks to life as the lace clad lady walks in, Her milky white eye casts over the cards keeping her secrets within, A fire crackles as she sips at her whiskey She’s ready to start her decent, Into a world of thinning veils and diabolical tales, She bows her head in lament. Top Notes: Honeysuckle, Tobacco Heart Notes: Smokey leather, Burnt sugar Base Notes: Spiced plum, Scotch whiskey

I can confirm that each one smells EXACTLY as described.

Thaumaturgy, Glasshouse, Clairvoyance, The Elements and Eldritch are next on my list to try (see I told you it was hard to choose).

My delivery arrived very quickly and was beautifully packaged in recyclable packaging. The perfumes housed in a pretty card box filled with moss and the addition of a couple of quartz crystals which was a nice addition. Also included was a print out showing all the perfumes and their notes.

Very impressed indeed.

Screaming Mandrake also sells room fragrances, soaps, candles and a very fabulous looking gift set.


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