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Review: The Morbid Collection candles

I love to purchase homemade items and candles are something that I get through quite a lot I went on a mission to find some creative lovelies...

The Morbid Collection of candles is created by

Their shop can be found on etsy

I chose 'Morbid Curiosity' from their range.

The blurb:

This handmade candle has been created with vegan friendly soy wax and a collection of scents that smell darkly delicious. The candle has then been scattered throughout with black powder and a sprinkling of glitter, topped with a pentagram charm.

The perfect treat for the cold, dark nights ahead and for lovers of all that is gothic and magickal.

Ordered on 29th September and it arrived 2nd October, well packaged.

Cost £9 plus p&p of £3.90

It looks wonderful and smells divine. In a nice glass jar with a lid and included a small pentacle charm.

Once lit it filled the room with scent quite quickly.

Very nicely done and burns well.


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