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Review: Thomas Cookie Co

In my festive search for baked goodies from independent companies I found the Thomas Cookie Co.

Not only do they supply freshly baked cookies but also cookie cups, brookies (a cross between a brownie and a cookie), s'mores and brookie pies.

I was intrigued so pre-ordered. The delivery arrived safely on the scheduled date.

The cookies were nice, a big size and well flavoured.

The cookie cups were all delicious, cookies moulded into cup shapes and filled with different flavours.

But what really impressed us were the brookies. Huge and delicious! A cookie base topped with a squidgy brownie top, absolutely amazing.

We went for a Christmas selection which included:

6 cookies:

Ginger and dark chocolate

Mulled wine

Cranberry and white chocolate

Cranberry and orange

Salted caramel and pecan

Triple chocolate chunk

Cookie cups:

After Eight

Mince pie

Maltester reindeer


Kit Kat Santa

The purple one



Kinder Bueno

Terries Chocolate Orange

Our favourites were definitely the brookies, but the cookie cups came close. My personal favourites were the chocolate orange brookie and the After Eight cookie cup.

Highly recommended and we would definitely order both the Brookies and the Cookie Cups again.

Big thumbs up for Thomas Cookie Co.


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