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Review: Tilly's Fudge

There is a bit of a story with this one...

I ordered a big box of fudge for everyone to share over the festive period. The parcel was despatched on 14th December as requested...and then disappeared into the postal system...never to be seen again.

Last week I ordered a replacement, which thankfully arrived within a couple of days.

Very nicely packaged, it would make a really nice gift for someone, particularly the fudge wedges as they present so well.

The flavours I ordered:

Black Forest Gateau - very nice and does taste like black cherries, although a little tang of artificial flavouring it is good.

Malted madness - malty chocolate flavour

Turkish Delight - spot on.

Daim bar - could probably do with a few more pieces of diam bar inside, but definitely has the flavour

Peanut butter - does what is says on the tin

Rocky road - chocolately with plenty of marshmallows

Salted caramel - spot on.

Overall very good flavours, looks fabulous and tastes lovely.


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