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Sneak preview: The Element of Water

Kitchen Witchcraft: The Element of Water will be released on 24th November 2023 but is available for pre-order now from all the usual stockists.

"Best-selling author Rachel Patterson looks at the element of Water and how to work with it. The book includes rituals, spells, correspondences, Elementals, meditations and practical suggestions. Kitchen Witchcraft: The Element of Water is the sixth in a series of books that delve into the world of the Kitchen Witch. Each book breaks down the whys and wherefores of the subject and includes practical guides and exercises. Other titles include Spell and Charms, Garden Magic, Crystal Magic, The Element of Earth and The Element of Fire."

From the book:

Water within me

Emotions around me

Intuition beyond me

Life fills me

The Basics

The elements are the original foundation of which all other things are made, by unification or transformation. The ancients divided the world into four basic elements which we know as Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. These four elements are vital to our survival for without any one of them we could not exist. The four elements, five if you count ether/spirit make up the base foundation of magic. We use them in ritual, energy work, healing and spell work.

We are all probably drawn more to one element than the others. They each have their own unique characteristics and properties that we can tap in to. They can be used individually or mix ‘n match to add power. I do think it helps to have a balance of them all.

In many myths and legends life first evolved from the primordial waters. We use the element of water every day to quench our thirst and to cleanse our bodies, a large proportion of our bodies are made up of this element that is governed by the moon.

Water is the element of the depths of emotion and of the subconscious. Water rules purification, the unknown, love and all other emotions. Water is associated with absorption and germination and pleasure, friendship, marriage, fertility, love, happiness, healing, sleep, dreaming, cleansing and psychic acts. Water rules physical things and places such as the womb, the unconscious mind, and any type of water source, from the largest oceans to the morning dew.

The place of water in the ritual circle is in the West, the place of death and transitions. The time of twilight and autumn are associated with water as these are mysterious times. You might find a cup or bowl of water on a witch’s altar, but other representations may be a cauldron or shells. Our ancestors saw water as sacred and would give offerings at springs and other natural water sources, we carry on this tradition when we throw coins into fountains and make a wish.

If you live near the sea or a river then you might like to take a stroll along the water’s edge, if the weather is good you could even take a swim.

If you aren’t near natural water then take a long bath or go to the local swimming pool and if it rains go and stand outside in it, get soaking wet and relish every moment of it.


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