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Sneaky Peek - A Witch for Every Season

My latest book, published by Llewellyn will be released end November in the USA, beginning of December in the UK - and is available to pre-order NOW!

Take a sneak peek inside...

"There are many different Pagan pathways and indeed traditions within. Each one has its own beliefs and guidelines. My own is that of a Pagan Kitchen Witch. I work with the old gods that hail from the land I live on. As such I focus primarily on working with deities from ancient Britain, but you must be drawn by your own journey to work with gods or nature spirits that have meaning to you. I don’t follow rules or guidelines laid out by others; I never have liked being told what to do!

What I do is trust my own intuition and tune into the ebb and flow of Mother Nature and the landscape that surrounds me. Whilst the sabbats are a wonderful way of separating the year and giving us a good excuse to celebrate. I have tried to show here how you can make it more personal to you and your own journey. Some of the ideas are based on folk traditions, others link more to recent suggestions. I have not included lots of historical facts or details, there are plenty of other sources for those if it interests you. What I have hopefully done is take you on a journey through the year with a strong connection to Mother Earth.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to create your own way of working with the seasons, the sabbats and the months. These will differ for each country, county, state, town or city. The weather and the seasons also change with each passing year.

I believe the key to riding the ebb and flow is to connect with the source.

• Trust your intuition

• Connect with the land

• Celebrate and enjoy the journey

• Most importantly make it your own

I don’t want you to re-invent the wheel…actually, that’s exactly what I want you to do!"

Join Rachel Patterson on an exciting month-by-month journey of seasonal magic. Going beyond traditional sabbats, this book shows you how to honor the energies of each season. Rachel offers correspondences, spells, rituals, meditations, runes, moon magic, tea blends, and altar decorations that add magic and joy to each month.

This book provides a variety of festivities that occur throughout the year, including those with Pagan, Christian, national, and local roots. Build a large bonfire for Beltane, cast a shell into the ocean on Tynwald Day, carve a beet for Punkie Night, and make pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. Featuring celebrations for everything from St. David's Day to Leap Year, this book ensures that you'll have a magical journey around the sun.


I have been a fan of Rachel's work for many years. Like the hearth fire itself, her writing is warm and welcoming, nourishing, and full of magic and wisdom! And A Witch for All Seasons is a delightful guide to help you create, connect, and celebrate with many sumptuous spells, rituals, and recipes! Rachel invites us to follow the year's rhythms with intuition and mindfulness rather than strict 'rules'. And to embrace each season with such delights as sigils for summer, altars for autumn, and magic for midwinter!

Sarah Robinson, author of Yoga for Witches, Yin Magic, and Kitchen Witch: Food, Folklore and Fairy Tale


In this lovely book, Rachel Patterson guides us through the changing seasons in an insightful and entertaining way. Packed with delicious recipes, cunning work, and rituals for every month of the year, the author's passion for her native landscape is clear. Reflecting on the benefits of working with regional seasons, traditions, and land spirits, along with sourcing local produce and materials, Rachel Patterson highlights a topic that is perhaps more important now than ever.

Vikki Bramshaw, author of Craft of the Wise and New Forest Folklore, Traditions & Charms


A Witch for Every Season is sweet, empowering, and humble. Filled with reverence for nature, traditional holidays and customs, and our own hearth magic, Rachel Patterson's latest book is invitational and personal, encouraging the reader to trust their own magic, finding and relating to it within their own location. It's spiked with Rachel's gentle humour as well as being deeply reverent.

Jane Meredith, author of Falling Through the Tree of Life, and Journey to the Dark Goddess.


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